Explaining The Toilet Stool “Stupidity” To Wessie . . .

So, Wessie naturally is in disbelief that I even thought I would stand on this toilet.  He figures I would know better.  I explain to him that I am not that large and I do sit on it and people who weigh more than me do too. He points out in great detail about all of that weight in just two spots, psi, etc. He goes on and on about how I should know better.  (I guess he thinks I am really smart or he assumes that I think!)  I listen and listen to his lecture.  I defend myself and tell him how strong the toilet is but I did have the fear that I would go crashing through the floor to the basement.

We both laughed a bit over that because I was sitting on the toilet in the first house we purchased and the toilet fell backward through the floor while I was pregnant and sitting on it!  Let’s just say that I needed help getting off of that toilet and it was a pretty embarrassing moment.  I weighed  less then than I do now!  It was not that I was big, it was that the floor beneath the toilet was rotten and I happened to be the one who sat on it at the wrong time.  Needless to say we had a great deal of repairs! We had a laugh over that memory.

I then went on to actually admit that I did not really think about what I was doing, I just wanted the gold and it seemed to be the fastest way to grab it.  At first he seemed concerned about me. He told me how I could have broke my ankle or my leg, hit my head, been knocked out and so on.

Secondly, and most like a man, he was concerned about whether or not I busted the seal on the toilet and how it would leak and he would have to repair it and would not be home for a few days.

The best part is yet to come.  What an imagination that man has!  It now comes to concern for himself.  Not that he would miss me, but that he would be blamed for the accident. He decided that I would fall, break my ankle and then hit my head.  However, some how he believed that I would have hit my head inside of the toilet and would have drowned.  I have yet to figure out how that could even be possible.  He explained it in detail, but I cannot even begin to remember even how to describe his thought process. I was laughing so hard at this thought, from standing on top of the rim, I fell and hit my head and drowned.  He said that stranger things have happened and it could very well be possible.

It gets better . . . Not only did I drown, everyone believed that Wes drowned me and tried to use the excuse that I fell.  Wow!  Haha.  What an imagination.  I do wonder why he never got around to mentioning that fact that he would miss me or be sad or anything like that.  Hmmmmm.


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